• Australia's Leading Islamic Educational Institute with a vast range of spiritually enlightening courses

  • Educating the Women of Australia through traditional time honoured methods

  • "And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge." - Holy Qur'an ( Ta-Ha 20:114 )

  • Knowledge is Enlightenment upholding teachings of the Holy Qur'an in light of the Sunnah

  • "Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge,
    Allah will make a path to paradise easy for them." - Prophet Muhammad (Peach and blessings be upon him)

  • "Rekindles the spirit:
    absolute spiritual and intellectual illumination" - Student Testimonial

Australia's Leading Islamic Educational Institute for Women

Our range of courses aim to enlighten and inspire individuals with Prophetic wisdom connecting us to Qur'anic teachings.
Whether you're starting out, looking to improve your understanding of Islam, or reconnecting to your faith, we offer pathways that suit your needs.

Current Courses

Learn To Read The Qur'an

Extremely successful beginners' program

Clarifying Misconceptions

Registration now open 2017
Clarifying Common Misconceptions in Islam.

Shariah Course

Registration now open 2017
For deep and comprehensive knowledge of the...

Ahl al Beyt

Registration now open 2017
Know who they are, our duty and obligation...

Islam and the world

Registration now open 2017
A study of the history of Islam from its...

Classical Arabic

Learn to read Quran is a pre-requisite for this subject. Language course for...

IQRA Quran College

Give our youth the best Islamic education you can.

Junior Shariah

Muslim youth are our future. Give them the best Islamic education you can. Together we can...

Upcoming Courses/Events

  • Umrah 2017

    Al Haramain Hajj is organising Umrah 2017 - April.

    The group will travel to Medinah first then to Makkah.

    Book now for 5 star accomodation close to Haram, with guidance by Scholars (Arabic, English, Urdu).

    Apply now: admin@alharamainhajj.com

    Call: 0410 085 170 - OR - 0405 544 975

    • Cost: TBA
    • Additional $750 visa fee (charged by Saudi Authority) will apply if you have previously been to Hajj or Umrah.

  • 2017 Daar Aisha Open Day & High Tea

    Save the date Come and explore Daar Aisha this February 2017. Bring your friends, family and make a beautiful day out of it. Join us for tea, coffee and luscious selection of High tea delicacies.

  • 2017 Registrations Now Open

    We have started enrolling for 2017 courses. If you want to know more about our offers/courses feel free to drop by our campus or better yet, come to our Open Day & High Tea on the 4th of February!


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