2024 - Wisdom of the Sages

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

Wisdoms unveiled through an in-depth study of the Hikam (wisdoms) of Imam ibn Ata’iAllah al Sakandari.
Timeless wisdom that has transcended centuries, encapsulating the essence of Islamic Spirituality.
In this course, we will unravel the layers of wisdom contained within each hikmah (precept), exploring their practical applications in our daily lives.
Throughout the course, we will delve into themes such as:
o Attaining a profound connection with the Divine
o Navigating life's challenges with resilience
o Cultivating spiritual intelligence
o Attaining a profound connection with the Divine
o Engage in discussions and reflections.
o Contemplative practices inviting us to internalize and embody the profound teachings of Ibn Atai ‘Allah.
Whether you are a seasoned seeker or new to the path of spiritual exploration, "Wisdoms of the Sages" invites you to explore, reflect, and integrate the transformative teachings of the Hikam into the fabric of your life.
Join us on this spiritual odyssey as we embark on a quest for deeper understanding, self-discovery, and a more profound connection with the Divine.

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