Welcome to Daar Aisha College. We hope your experience at the college will be a fulfilling one and that you will derive the greatest benefit in your quest for Sacred Knowledge.

To ensure best outcomes for all concerned students must adhere to the following terms:


Attendance and punctuality are essential. Students are required to call the office if they will be late for class or unable to attend. During the course students may defer their studies if need be, however students must complete their studies within five years of registration.

Parents must be aware that Daar Aisha College bears no responsibility for children before and after class hours.

Additionally for Women's courses attendance following terms applies:
  • Attendance and punctuality are vital for a student of knowledge.
  • As a courtesy, students are not to enter the class 15 minutes after its commencement as this disrupts the lesson. They may enter when the next class begins.
  • Students must notify the administration office if they are going to be absent from their studies for any extended period of time due to illness or travel etc.
  • Students who are absent for four weeks consecutively without notice will be automatically deregistered at the end of the four week period. If they wish to re-register they will need to re-apply and undertake the registration process once again.
  • Please note that this is an automated process, and will apply irrespective of circumstance in the event of a four week absence without notice.
  • Students may choose to defer their studies but must complete their Shariah Course within five years.

Modest attire

While Hijab (head covering) is a religious requirement for Muslim Women, we recognize that not all Muslim women practice this tenet. Hijab is therefore not a mandatory prerequisite for study. However, students attending classes at Daar Aisha College are required to adhere to the general Islamic Guidelines on modest dress at all times. Respectful attire is a means by which the Islamic Sciences are honoured. This requires clothing that is long, loose, not transparent and with a high neckline.

Payment of fees

Daar Aisha College is a completely independent educational institution. The fees schedule is as follows:

Registration Fee: Fee payable upon registration; this is a non-refundable administrative fee. This fee is not applicable to continuing students; however, if students discontinue their studies and re-enrol at a later date, a new registration fee will apply.

Bond: A bond to the amount of 4 weeks' fees is payable upon registration. The bond is fully refundable upon completion of the course provided all fees are up to date and 2 weeks' notice given.

Payment of Term fees using Ezidebit carries a further independent bond. This is also fully refundable provided all fees owing have been debited.

Tuition Fees: Fees are payable for the duration of time that a student is registered at Daar Aisha College including days of absence.

Students are required to pay fees on a Term by Term basis. Fees for the Term must be paid at the beginning of each Term for the duration of the entire Term. Term fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Discount: Payment of the annual fees in full attracts a 10% discount, non-refundable and non-transferable.

There are two modes of payment available:

  • Term fees paid in advance: Cash, Cheque, Eftpos, Direct Deposit or Internet Banking.
  • Instalments via Ezi Debit: the Ezi Debit form is available from the administration office.

Students who choose the second option need to complete an Ezidebit form which is available from the administration office.

In order to continue serving the community effectively, it is important for our students to be diligent and efficient in discharging their responsibilities.

Cancellation & Refund

Fees are refundable & transferable up to 7 days prior to the commencement of the course, however a cancellation fee of $20 applies. After 7 days fees will be non-refundable & non transferable.

Discontinuation of studies

Students who wish to discontinue their studies need to complete the discontinuation form [available at the office]. Please note that the student will be considered an enroled student at Daar Aisha College until the discontinuation form is submitted. Discontinuation is effective as of end of Term.

Where Ezidebit is the option for payment, debits will continue until the Term fee is paid in full.

Fees during absence: As per policy for all educational institutions; Tuition Fees are payable for the duration of time that a student is registered at Daar Aisha College including days of absence. Students will have access to recordings of their classes.

Children - for Women's courses

As we are unable to cater to children's needs while adult classes are in progress, mothers with children need to make their own arrangements for the care of their children while they are attending class.

Learning Management System (Moodle)

Students who access Daar Aisha classes using Moodle are entrusted to neither share their account details, nor access their course with unregistered users. This trust also extends to upholding the requests of Daar Aisha teachers by ensuring that no males can view or hear the classes in progress. Students who opt to attend Daar Aisha in person will still require a Moodle account to gain access to class recordings.

Personal Information

Your personal information including your photo will not be viewed or shared with anyone as per the Privacy Act (1988). Registration is only complete with submission of a complete registration form, applicable fees and a photo.

Non distribution of advertising material

Daar Aisha College is an educational institution dedicated solely to the dissemination of Sacred Knowledge and to fostering the compassionate spirit of Islam to this end, students are requested not to distribute any advertising material or leaflets, sell or buy material goods and not to promote factional or other group ideologies that contribute to division in the Ummah.

In order for Daar Aisha to continue serving the community, it is essential that our students are also diligent and efficient in discharging their duties and responsibilities towards this Trust that has been bestowed upon us by Allah Most High. We ask of Allah Most High to accept our endeavor and your efforts.