2024 ~ Salaat - The ascension of the believer

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

Overall, the course on Salaat as the Ascension of the Believer provides a comprehensive understanding of the significance of Salaat in Islam, its physical and spiritual aspects, and the practical steps required to develop a meaningful and consistent prayer practice. This course focuses on the spiritual and physical aspects of this essential pillar of Islam covering the importance of Salaat in Islam, the different types of prayers, and the necessary conditions for performing it. The role of Salaat in strengthening the relationship between the believer and Allah. The course discusses the different types of Salaat, such as the obligatory (Fardh) prayers, Sunnah prayers, and voluntary (Nafal) prayers, and the rewards and benefits of performing each type. The spiritual aspects of Salaat are also explored, including the importance of sincerity and mindfulness in Salaat, and its role in developing one's connection with Allah and strengthening one's faith. The course provides practical tips and guidance on how to maintain a consistent and fulfilling prayer practice.
This is a 25 week course

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