2024 - Shariah Course

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

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This course is designed to take students from basic or no knowledge of Islam to an in-depth understanding of the core subjects of Shariah. The English Shariah course will provide students with a holistic and detailed understanding of Islam from various perspectives, forming a cohesive and strong foundation to your knowledge of the Islamic Sciences. The word 'Shariah' in the Arabic language literally means 'the path' or 'the way'. Technically Shariah refers to the code of life that a Muslim adopts which regulates all aspects of day-to-day life in Islam. It is Allah Most High's revealed law, perfect and eternal. Its source is the Quran and the Prophetic Traditions. To know and to practice the Shariah is to maximise your potential as a human being connecting to your Lord and serving your race. This is a well-integrated and comprehensive course that covers the essentials of Shariah.

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The women's English Shariah course is a well integrated and comprehensive course that covers the essentials of Shariah from all aspects and includes the following TEN subjects:

  • Qur'an: Tajweed - Rules for the recitation of the Noble Qur'an
  • Qur'an: Tahfiz - Memorisation of the Noble Qur'an
  • Aqidah - Islamic Creed, Islamic Belief system
  • Fiqh - Islamic Law
  • Tafsir - Exegesis of the Noble Qur'an
  • Seerah - Lessons from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Hadith - Commentary on the 40 Hadith of Imam Al Nawawi
  • Tarbiyah - Ennoblement of Character
  • Mustalah Al- Hadith - Sciences of Hadith Transmission & Classification
  • Uloom Al-Qur'an - Sciences of the Qur'an.
  • Islamic Theology
  • Sciences of Qur'an
  • Sciences of Hadith
  • Hadith
  • Purification of the Heart
  • Tafsir
  • Seerah
  • Islamic Law
  • Islamic Creed
  • Tajweed and Tahfiz