Meet Our Team

With our admin, teachers and community of dedicated sisters - a wonderful family is formed by the common connection to the faith of Islam. The teachers at Daar Aisha College have been formally trained and authorised to transmit knowledge by leading scholars in the Muslim world. They are meticulous in striking a balance between the time-honoured orthodoxy of traditional Islam while sensitive to the circumstances of Muslims living in the Western world.

Shaykh Moez Al Nafti

Founder and Director

Sheikh Abdul Moez is the founder and director of Daar Aisha Shariah College and Imam of Daar Tahfizul Qur'an. Sheikh Abdul Moez has studied for nine years in various countries around the world after completing his high school education in French.

The countries he studied in include: Tunisia [Zaytuna University]; Syria (Muhaddith Al-Akbar Institute, Al Fath Institute); Egypt (Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Tafseer). After completing his degree in Islamic studies, he specialized in the Sciences of Hadith – Prophetic traditions (Syria) and the sciences of the Noble Qur'an (Egypt).

Sheikh Abdel Moez continues his studies at various institutes around the world and gives regular talks and lessons throughout the week. Sh. Abdel Moez is currently teaching Qur’anic Exegesis, Arabic Grammar, Tarbiyyah [spiritual advancement and ennoblement of character]; Prophetic Traditions, Sirah, Aqidah, and Fiqh. In 2005 Sh. Abdel Moez has successfully completed a course in the English Language: English for further Study and English for Academic purposes, as well as Australian Society and Culture. He also studied Secular Law.

Studied with following influential scholars:

Sheikh Abdur Rahman Ash-Shaghouri (Rahimahu Allah)
Sheikh Ahmad Naseeb Al-Mahamid (Student of Badrudeen Al-Hassani)
Hadith [Traditions] with Ijaza [a license to transmit]
Sheikh Adib Al-Kallas
Logic & Aqeedah [Islamic Creed]
Sheikh Nurideen Al-'Itr
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions]
Sheikh Badee' Al-Laham
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions]
Dr Wahba Az-Zuhaili
Usul Al-Fiqh [Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence]
Dr Walyudeen Farfour
Aqeedah [Islamic Creed]
Sheikh Nadheer Maktabi
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Arna'ut
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions]
Dr Mohammad Sa`id Ramadan Al-Bouti
Aqeedah & Seerah [Islamic Creed & the Prophet's Biography]
Sheikh Abul Barakaat Al-Muzhaahiri
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions] with Ijaza [licence to transmit]
Sheikh Fareed Al-Baji
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions]
Qari' Kaled Barakat
Qur'an Recitation with Ijaza [licence to transmit]
Shaykh Tawfique al Buti
Aqeedah [Islamic Creed]
Sh. Karim Rajeh
Fiqh Muqaren [Comparative Jurisprudence] & Tafsir [Qur'anic exegesis]
Sh. Uthman al Etmani
Arabic Grammar
Sh. Hisham al Salahi
Obligatory Acts of Worship
Sh. Abdel Ghani al Salahi
Tajweed [Science of the rules of the Recitation of the Qur'an]
Sh. Haitham Feeni
Tajweed [Science of the rules of the Recitation of the Qur'an]
Sh. Khaled Jebawi
Arabic Grammar
Dr. Mustapha al Bugha
Hadith [Prophetic Traditions] & Shafei Fiqh [Jurisprudence]
Sh. Muhammad Ali Shuqair
Shafei Fiqh [Jurisprudence]
Sh. Hisham al Hemsy
Arabic Literature and Arabic Grammar

Um Abdur Rahman


Ustadha Um Abdur Rahman has completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from La Trobe University in Melbourne majoring in Philosophy of Education. She studied Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Islamic Studies and English Literature.

Amatullah Abdullah

Vice Principal

Ustadha Amatullah completed her studies in Australia. She graduated from the University of Sydney with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws.

Sabah El-Masri


Ustadha Sabah has been a teacher of Tajweed at Daar Aisha Shariah College since its inception.

Hanan Saleh


Ustadha Hanan ia a Hafidha of Qur'an and has been a teacher of Tajweed at Daar Aisha Shariah College since its inception.

Amina Alexander

Head of Administration

An Alumna of Daar Aisha and the Head of Administration at the College.

Kaamila Domingo


Kaamila is a member of the administration team at Daar Aisha Shariah College.

Hina Bhimani


Hina is an alumna of Daar Aisha Shariah College and a member of the administration team at the College as well as a teacher of Junior Shariah.

Haipha Ali


Ustadha Haipha teaches Shariah Subjects at Daar Aisha College.

Maha Chami


Ustadha Maha is an alumni of Daar Aisha College and teaches both the Introduction and Applied Tajweed Programs.