Um Abdur Rahman


Ustadha Um Abdur Rahman has completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from La Trobe University in Melbourne majoring in Philosophy of Education. She studied Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Islamic Studies and English Literature.

Currently teaching Islamic Law, Islamic Creed, Sciences of Prophetic Traditions {transmission & classification}, Islamic History, and Tarbeyyah.



Ustadha has been under the direct and full time tutelage of Sheikh Abdel Moez al Nafti since 2003. She has studied Islamic Law, Islamic Creed, Prophetic Traditions [Science of Transmission & Classification], as well as Explanation and Elucidation of Prophetic Traditions, Qur'anic Exegesis, Tarbiyah [Spiritual development and ennoblement of Character] and Sciences of the Noble Qur'an. She remains under the tutelage of Shaykh Abdel Moez Nafti and continues to have contact with the esteemed scholars of Tarim with plans to visit them regularly insha'Allah for further studies

Work Experience

She has been a teacher of Islamic Studies at numerous schools in both Melbourne and Sydney since 1972. She has also been involved in Adult Education and welfare since 1977. She has helped in the establishment of several primary schools in both Melbourne and Sydney.