2022 - Noah's Ark at the end of time

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

The Path of Salvation in the Midst of a Troubled World
Spirituality in a time of Crisis
Guidance from the Quran and Hadith
Empowered by Iman:
• The Gift of Tawbah
• Unveiling The Meaning of Love
• To Allah Subhanahu wa taala with RasululAllah salaAllahu alaihi wa sallam
• Remember Me and I will remember you
• Hold Fast to the Rope of Allah
• Prostrate And Gain Nearness
• The Clear Sign
• The Power of Dua
• From Anxiety to a Tranquil Heart
• From Iman to Ihsan
• from Faith to Certitude

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