2024 - Building the Pillars of a Muslim Family

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

Harmony in Faith BUILDING THE PILLARS OF A MUSLIM FAMILY - Upon The Prophetic Household Model

This course provides a comprehensive study of the essential principles and values that form the bedrock of a strong and harmonious Muslim family founded on Prophetic guidance and upon the Prophetic Household Model. Quranic and Prophetic Guidance: PracticalExamples from the Prophetic Household and Islamic teachings. Harmonious Family Unit: the course will discuss key aspects that contribute to a harmonious, bonded family unit. Practical insights and skills to foster a resilient and thriving Muslim household in contemporary society. Crisis Management: Navigating challenges that arise within the family, drawing on Islamic teachings for guidance and resilience. Spiritual Foundation: The role of spirituality in a Muslim Family fostering an environment that promotes the spiritual growth of every member of the family.

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