2022 - Fiqh of Tahara

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

Najasaat (impurities) & its purification ~ istinja'a ~ Wudu ~ Ghusl ~ Wiping on footgear ~ Tayammum
"Indeed Allah loves those who purify themselves" - 2:222
"PURIFICATION IS HALF OF FAITH" - Reported by Imam Muslim
The meaning and function of ritual purity (Tahara) and impurity (Najasa) in Islam and the basic practices that bring about states of purity.
This is necessary knowledge which is personally obligatory to acquire as it is necessary for performing ritual duties. indeed Tahara is consiered half of Iman.
Benefits of Tahara & its Importance
The Fiqh of Tahara
Types of Tahara in Islam and how to correctly perform it
Najasaat & its purification
Wudu & Ghusl
Wiping on Footgear
This course is 22 weeks, conducted during Term 3 & 4 Starts Saturday 16th July 2022

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  • Najasa & it's purification
  • Istinja
  • Wudu
  • Ghusl
  • Khuff
  • Tayammum