Karima Ammar


Hafidha Karima is an alumna of Daar Aisha Shariah College and a teacher of Tajweed for adults at the College.

Teacher at Daar Aisha

Bachelor of Advanced Science in Physics & Astronomy

Hobbies: Reading about history and science. Being out in nature, looking up in the night sky and learning and marvelling about the universe.


Completion of Hifz of the Holy Qur'an at Daar al Quran Al Kareem

Bachelor of Advanced Science in Physics & Astronomy, UNSW (First Class Honours)

English Shariah Course at Daar Aisha

Certification of completion of Al-Qaida Al Nooraniya

Achieved 4th place in AlQL 2014 (5 Juz Category)

Work Experience

Teaching assistant for Astronomy course at UNSW

Head teacher of Memorizain of Qur'an program at Al-Firdaus

High School Math tutor

Qur'an teacher (private)