The History of AL QUDS

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  • 17+ years and onwards

Ancient to Modern
Delve into the past to inspire the future
  • Cherish the rich historical heritage of Islam.
  • Discover the history of our third holiest land
This course would be taught by:
Teacher: Ustadtha Amatullah Abdullah

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The History of AL QUDS, from Ancient to Modern Times

This course would be taught by:
Teacher: Ustadtha Amatullah Abdullah
Al Quds, the ancient city of Jerusalem, at the heart of Islam, the 3rd sanctuary. The place chosen by Allah subhanahu wa taala for the gathering of all Prophets under the leadership of our Prophet Muhammad salaAllahu alaihi wa sallam and from which our Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens on the Night’s Journey.

Learn the historical facts that surround this beautiful, sacred, and ancient city. A city of Prophethood, Spirituality, Revelation, Conflict, Struggles, Wars. To understand Jerusalem today, we must delve in its history and uncover facts and amazing stories that will enlighten us regarding this beautiful and ancient city that is very much part of our Islamic Heritage.

This course is offered as part of the Extended Course 2020

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