Isra'a & Mi'raj

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One Day Course.
​​The Night Journey of the Messenger of Allah is not only a miraculous and significant event in the life of the Prophet salaAllahu alaihi wa sallam which must be commemorated; more importantly, this Wonderous and Miraculous event has great religious significance with numerous and very relevant practical life lessons to be learnt. This course will discuss: Events leading up to the Night's Journey Significance of Baytul Maqdes Jibriel's guidance along the path Events of the Journey to Jerusalem The Wonders of the 7 Heavens The Point of Infinity A meeting with the Divine the aftermath This course puts great emphasis on the practical lessons to be learnt while walking in the footsteps of the Best of Creation.

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One Day Course. Practical lessons from the Night's Journey of the Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessing be upon him)